Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Oreo the Cat!

Oreo the Cat! This little guy adopted us last summer. We really love him and take care of him. He loves to come in to take some "cat-naps" (he,he..). I have never been a cat person but this little guy had found a special place in my heart. Kelly adores him.
Well, our little feline buddy went missing this past Friday. We looked for him around the house, but weren't so concerned since outdoor cats tend to do that (This according to my husband and father-in-law). Well, all of this "cat" thing is new to me. Saturday, came and Oreo didn't...So we began to get worried. We looked for him around the house and his usual places, Kelly called him several times during the day and nothing.
Later in the evening, or early Sunday morning my husband hound skid marks in front of the house and we feared the worst. Oh, my! I could not believe that I, Ana Banana would be sad for some four legged feline! I have never been a "cat person", because I've always had dogs. Anyway, I was just worried sick for Oreo. All we did was say a family prayer for him and hope that we would be returned to us safe.
On Sunday, when on driving to the store, I saw a cat laying on my neighbor's porch and I called him, thinking that it could be Oreo. My neighbor came out, probably thinking that I was trying to steal his cat, but all I wanted was to see the making on the cat's face and determine if it was our Oreo. Sadly enough, it wasn't.
Sunday came and went, and I could not help but to feel sad. However, I had this image in my head of him walking Thur high grass towards me. At the time, I did not know what it meant but it made be feel that Oreo, wherever he was, he was fine.
This morning, I got up early and opened the door, hoping to see him jump out from withing the bushes at the bottom of the Oak tree. But nothing. No Oreo. No dead mouse on the walkway. No scratching on the door. Nothing.
So, I went in the kitchen to fix me a cup of coffee. Then, went to the living room to turn the TV on to watch the morning news. And while I was sitting on the couch, I heard a loud ...MEOW! "Great, now I'm hearing things" I thought. "Wait-a-minute! That's Oreo!" And I ran to the door! Sure enough, Oreo was back! Hungry and thirsty, looking a bit rough. We could not tell if he'd been hit or what had happened to him. All we knew was that he was back!
Well, this evening my husband and I were out taking a walk-run with our daughter, when we ran into Uncle Hugh and Aunt Nancy (who live one house over from us) and from them we found out that Oreo spent the weekend locked in Uncle Hugh's storage room. He believes that Oreo got in as he was leaving and locked the door behind him without knowing that the cat was inside. Poor, cat! He was so close and we did not hear him. No wonder he was so hungry and thirsty.
Kelly and DC were just as happy to see him as I was. It is good to have him back. I want him to stay an indoors all the time, but that is easier said than done. How do you turn a wild cat into an indoors cat?
Tonight he is sleeping indoors...and he is loving it!
I'm grateful that Oreo came home safe and to celebrate his return I will be listing Cat themed cards and layouts all week long.
Welcome back Oreo!

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