Thursday, August 30, 2007

New Ebay Seller ID

Good Day Everybody!

Today is a brand new day and with that and after sometime of thinking it...I changed my Ebay id. The Ebay id name that I have used from day one has been LADYANALADYBUG, this was a name that was assigned to me by Ebay since, I could not think of one myself. After, a couple of selling my handmade cards and other paper piecings, it was time to better represent what it that I do on Ebay and for that my new Id is : ANASCARDS

Simple and straight to the point. For the next 30 days, I will continue to use LADYANALADYBUG as part of the title in my listings and inform all my clients of the change.

And, although I am also selling other paper pieced items and pre-made scrapbook pages, and love Ladybugs... HANDMADE CARDS will always be my specialty.

On the other hand, I do own and will be developing a website in the future. For those new to Ebay, when you are on Ebay's homepage, you may type in your search box ANASCARDS or Ana's Handmade Cards and you will find my listings.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Oreo the Cat!

Oreo the Cat! This little guy adopted us last summer. We really love him and take care of him. He loves to come in to take some "cat-naps" (he,he..). I have never been a cat person but this little guy had found a special place in my heart. Kelly adores him.
Well, our little feline buddy went missing this past Friday. We looked for him around the house, but weren't so concerned since outdoor cats tend to do that (This according to my husband and father-in-law). Well, all of this "cat" thing is new to me. Saturday, came and Oreo didn't...So we began to get worried. We looked for him around the house and his usual places, Kelly called him several times during the day and nothing.
Later in the evening, or early Sunday morning my husband hound skid marks in front of the house and we feared the worst. Oh, my! I could not believe that I, Ana Banana would be sad for some four legged feline! I have never been a "cat person", because I've always had dogs. Anyway, I was just worried sick for Oreo. All we did was say a family prayer for him and hope that we would be returned to us safe.
On Sunday, when on driving to the store, I saw a cat laying on my neighbor's porch and I called him, thinking that it could be Oreo. My neighbor came out, probably thinking that I was trying to steal his cat, but all I wanted was to see the making on the cat's face and determine if it was our Oreo. Sadly enough, it wasn't.
Sunday came and went, and I could not help but to feel sad. However, I had this image in my head of him walking Thur high grass towards me. At the time, I did not know what it meant but it made be feel that Oreo, wherever he was, he was fine.
This morning, I got up early and opened the door, hoping to see him jump out from withing the bushes at the bottom of the Oak tree. But nothing. No Oreo. No dead mouse on the walkway. No scratching on the door. Nothing.
So, I went in the kitchen to fix me a cup of coffee. Then, went to the living room to turn the TV on to watch the morning news. And while I was sitting on the couch, I heard a loud ...MEOW! "Great, now I'm hearing things" I thought. "Wait-a-minute! That's Oreo!" And I ran to the door! Sure enough, Oreo was back! Hungry and thirsty, looking a bit rough. We could not tell if he'd been hit or what had happened to him. All we knew was that he was back!
Well, this evening my husband and I were out taking a walk-run with our daughter, when we ran into Uncle Hugh and Aunt Nancy (who live one house over from us) and from them we found out that Oreo spent the weekend locked in Uncle Hugh's storage room. He believes that Oreo got in as he was leaving and locked the door behind him without knowing that the cat was inside. Poor, cat! He was so close and we did not hear him. No wonder he was so hungry and thirsty.
Kelly and DC were just as happy to see him as I was. It is good to have him back. I want him to stay an indoors all the time, but that is easier said than done. How do you turn a wild cat into an indoors cat?
Tonight he is sleeping indoors...and he is loving it!
I'm grateful that Oreo came home safe and to celebrate his return I will be listing Cat themed cards and layouts all week long.
Welcome back Oreo!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Today's Layout Halloween 8x8

Hello, Hello!

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. I'm excited that my computer is up an running again!
Here is today's layout. It is a double spread 8x8 with room for up to 6 pictures. On the second page you have a 3-d pocket to hold some journaling or an extra pictures. The bears are 3-D ,hand-torn and created with several layers to make them fluffier. This LO simply marks the beginning of many more 8x8 layouts that will be available for purchase in my store and some will be listed in auction format. They'll be available in Single Page or Double Page, like the one shown in the picture.
I'm currently working on Kelly's 2007 Scrapbook, and for this year I chose an 8x8 format. My daughter's first scrapbook was a 12x12 format, the second and third were A4 or 8.5x11 format. Although, 8x8's are usually considered THEME albums (vacation, birthday, wedding, etc.) I still wanted to work with this smaller size. Well, let me tell you that it has been quite a challenge. Why? Not only because I got used to the larger page and being able to use lager pictures, cropping them was almost rare! But also, because we love taking LOTS of pictures, my husband is a photographer and he takes at least 100 pictures or more of a single event...Oh, my! You can just imagine what it's like to only select the "scrappable" pictures.
Now, I have found a way to display my favorite pictures of Kelly by printing them in different sizes or cropping them. I love matting my pictures, keeping my journaling private , using PP but most of all...I love that it feels that you are looking at a 12x12 LO when you're not. Smaller pages are supposed to be faster to make, and they are in a way. However, I found myself spending just as much time creating an smaller page that a larger, because of all the matting and little details. But, I LOVE the final result!
You can pre-make these pages and keep them in your scrapbooks to use in the future or give them as a gift in a scrapbook to share the bug of scapbooking with a friend.
In my case and because I don't print my pictures at home, I look at the pictures, select one as the focal point picture , then select the rest that help me tell the story. Then, decide on their size and from there I design the page. After that, all I have to do is print and add them to my page.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Halloween 6x6 Layout

Good Day Everybody!

I recently fisnished another lil' LO for my "ME" scrapbook and thought of sharing it with you.
It was taken a couple of years ago on Halloween Night. The girls and I had a great time dressing up and spending time with a group of friends at a local night club. The two girls in the picture are 2 of my best friends in the whole wide world. We all live in different towns and states but we know that we will always be "The Girls".
I'm having a lot of fun creating these smaller layouts and have found creative ways of adding journaling and several pictures. For this LO, I created a 3-D Pocket that will hold the journaling and probably a small picture as well.
What do you think of Mini Bear? This is the first time that I have created a full body mini bear. It is an original design by yours truly...I think he is Adorable and will definitely use it on future layouts.
Bye for now!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Monkey's Born!

Second Post of the day!

Yes, a monkey was born in my craft room on August 21st 2007...Well, it is not a real monkey...but after about 2 months of sitting in my "CRE8" Basket, I finally took the time to put it toghether. I am talking about a Peek A Boo Tear Monkey.
Well, I ended up with two styles of Monkey. At this time, I'm not quite sure on which will be used first, but I like them both.
What do you think? Which one do you like best?
Stay tunned as one of these two little guys will soon be found on a special pp!
I have to run, time is running out and my little girl has had enough of the library.
Blog you later!

Still Here!

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to let you all know that, I am still here! It has been more than a few days since my last post. My computer at home crashed in a grand way! Keyboard and mouse! However, I have been quite busy creating a few things to list this week.

You probably have seen the new cards and today...12x12 Layouts! Yey!

These are just 3 of the LOS that you will find listed on Ebay today. 1Cat LO, 1Dog LO and 1 Halloween...check them out becasue they are adorable!
Since, my computer is out of order at this time I'm using the computers at the library to list and to answer emails. So, if you have a question just be a bit patient with me as it might take me a day or so to see your message. However, I'd like to thank you in advanced for all your support and your business.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Rubber Stamping...Again!


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Well, after taking a short break from stamping I decided to get back in it by creating a little Christmas Card with House Mouse Stamps. Oh, and you should see what I have in the works. My new collection of Handstamped Christmas Cards is almost ready, it took me a bit to get inspired but I missed stamping and once I started it was hard to stop.

I'll post the details of this card later. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. Blessings!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Here is a picture of Kelly playing on while I was tearing bears for a custom order yesterday.
Kelly calls the computer Max. The first time that she watched a TV episode on the computer was of "Max & Ruby" at, since then the computer has been known as "Max".

On my Desk Today

The picture to the left of the screen shows what is on my desk today. Another Halloween Card, just waiting to be assembled. On this particular one, I did some hand-stitching all around the greeting. Looove it! There are other bear cards and a few other cards with handstamped images just waiting, actually, calling my name...Aaannnaaa! Last week, I had the chance to stamp several images and now all there is to do, is to color them.But, all that is on hold for a couple of days until I finish with the current custom order.

This cute BABY layout was completed yesterday and I truly like how it turned out. It is a unisex baby laout -could be used for a baby girl or boyThe top right mat is 3-d and will hold 3 tags that could be used for journaling or for some small pictures. If you are familiar with my scrapbooking, you know how I like to hide and creative with the journaling. I then embellished the page with various elements such as; buttons, ribbon, charm (reads NEW BABY) and a wooden duck. Cute, cute! If you like pre-made pages stay tunned as I will be listing more directly to my store.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Tag You're It!

Hello...Tag You're it!
Here is a super idea that I got from my friend over at "Pieces of Me" who got tagged. I have not been tagged but I will start to tag. This is a very special way to RAK someone...What is RAK? It is a Random Act of Kindness.
Here is how we play this game: 1) Send ONE card (handmade by yourself or bought) to someone you know within 7 days(family, friends, associates, cyber friends, etc.). Just imagine the smile on their face when they open their mailbox and see a card from you? 2) Tag 5 people you know to do the same thing (Tag means tag them to send their own cards to their own people). 3) Proudly display this on your blog to spread a little sunshine and pass it on or share the idea with all who you tag to pass it on.
Let's share the love with all the people in our lives...Yes, I said all the people...even those who you might not like so much. Why? Why not? We are all here for a period of time, why not just all get along? Share the love, Let the RAKs begin!
With that said, I will be sending out my RAKs within the next 7 days to my friends, family and customers. Keep an eye in your mailbox...tag you're it!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

6x6 Layouts

Well as I promised, here are a couple of more 6x6 layouts that I created for my ME album.

At first, it was hard for me to decide on which size I was goning to use. So, I had to look at the pictures that I had on my life before getting married -which were not many since I've lost so many- and being that this was my first ME album it was easy to decide on the 6x6 format. Using a small format will keep the focus on the pictures, the journaling will be short or hidden, since I don't really remember dates or a lot of the details.

With that said, remember that as you decide to begin scrapbooking that writing down the details such as; date, place and names of the people in the picture as well as a short note about the story being told will most definitely help you later. Don't trust your memory or that you will remember all the details because there might be days, months or years -let's hope not years- before you have the chance to scrap those pictures. So, write down the basic information on the back using a PHOTO SAFE pencil DO NOT USE A PEN or a regular pencil as these are not acid-free and will damage you picture. You can find photo safe pencils at your local scrapbookstore or on line.
Do not feel limited by the size or think that there might not be any room to play. Layout sketches for any square format can be adapted to fit any size, including the small ones.
The first layout shows a picture of one of my best friends Erika and yours truly. Oh, how I miss those times! Eri, this is for you! I remember the last time we went out to have a cup of coffee Paty, You and I. It was so much fun and the conversation could have lasted all night!
The second layour is of me holding my crazy little chihuahua dog...Chikis. It was Christmas time and I went to town getting her all kinds of little outfits for her to wear. The journaling was written on the tag and hidden behind the torn patterned paper.
Hope you enjoy.
Blog you later and Scrap-a-lot!