Friday, September 28, 2007

Introducing "Cardstock Paper Bear"

Hey, TGIF!
Yes, another week gone by and Fall is here! Now, I love Fall! Why? Because I was born in the Fall and it makes me so very happy, to watch the leaves change and the weather cool down from the hot summer days.

To celebrate the beginning of the this fabulous season, I created some Fall cards that feature a paper piecing of an adorable little Bear.

Do you recognize him? Yes, its my Tear Art Bear made out of cardstock! Isn't him just adorable? Yep, Kelly thinks he's cute.

The second card was made with my other bear who has more of a round head. I love how this card turned out. It was fun making the stamped titles. Kelly and I stamped for a couple of hours and made a few of these titles. Not all were for the fall, you'll get to see them in the next few weeks as I used them on cards and pages. Kelly had fun spelling her name with the stamps. The head of the bear is mounted on foam for dimention and all the leaves are tiny little punches. My thumb still hurst from trying to puch them out of that thick cardstock, I thought they were gong to break...luckly they didn't. Let, say that I know which die is on my must buy list.

The last is my favorite of the 4 cards that were made last night. I really like the patterned paper. It funky and so mod! I'm a mod kind of girl. I have lots of beautiful fall paper and will be making more cards featuring "CardstockBear" Kelly calls him "PaperBear"...I like that too.

As I mentioned, I will be making more cards featuring "Cardstock Bear", however, that will be after my last Halloween projects are completed and Christmas cards are listed. So, if you still need some Spooky cards stop by AHMC Ebay store or check my auctions this weekend for the last of my Halloween Cards. You will also find, Christmas Cards and other projects...Oh, and my brand new Christmas Template, fantabulously cute!

Visit my Ebay store to viwe all the new 4 Fall Cards

Stay Tunned...Scrap Happy and Often! Blessings & Thank You!


Our Kelly Dancer

Here she little girl...The Dancer! September marks the start of Kelly's dance experience. She just loves to dance. From the time she was just learning to sit up, Kelly loved music and dancing. I knew that as a mom, my wish would be for her to experience dance and what it teaches a young little lady. However, it would be encouraged but not forced.
The idea of dance started with "play pretend time", our "make up silly dances" and later with a birthday gift from grandma "Dancerella". I could see the excitement and she started saying..."Watch me, I'm a ballerina"
Her first day was overwhelming, she was in a class with older girls (hyper girls) and some that were not too happy to be there. Kelly kept running back to me for comfort and was not too sure on how to be around these girls that kept running away from the teacher and out the studio. I stayed in the classroom for most of class. The teacher was able to keep the attention of the other girls, long enough to have the girls connect and perform a series of exercises. Kelly did great, followed instructions to a T and connected with Nichole (the instructor).The new class in which Kelly is now part of, is composed by only a few students, the instructor's little girl Diane and Sarah who is a sweet 10 year old, star dancer assistant. Oh, and did I mentioned that Ms.Kelly had a audience? Yep, Daddy was there taking pictures, Grandma was there (this class is her gift to KB) and of course, I was there taking pictures with my camera.
I love to see our little Ms.Kelly smile and be happy, she's having a wonderful time and practices in the living room. Where will this take her? I don't know, however, it is what is doing for her and her character right now that I'm thankful for!
Many Blessings to You!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New Look at Ana's Handmade Cards

Good Day Everyone!
Oh, I'm super excited about the new look of my Ebay store! I think Little Ms.Bear looks...Beary Cute! This new look was very well needed since the change of my seller id.
I have a new store banner, logo and business cards are in the works.
When you have a moment stop by my store and take a look around. I have added Store Pages with detailed information on Shipping & Payment. Later, I will more information to make your holiday shopping experience a pleasant one.
Well, this is a short post. It's almost lunch time and I have a lady stopping by for some Custom work for her Scrapbooks. So, I will blog you later.
Blessings 2 all! Ana

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

More Doggie Dogs

Hi! I'm glad to have the time to write a few lines in my blog today. It has truly been quite a busy week with Kelly starting dance class, new listings and custom orders...I need more hours in the day!

Well, it is more doggie dogs for me this week. In various colors and a couple of special projects that will be listed in 3 day format in the next week.

I love dogs. My very first best friend was my dog Yesi and I've been missing her for 15 years. She was a gift for my 10th bithday. We were inseparable, my playmate and loyal friend 8 years. She was a mix between Maltese/Pekineese, a real trip and fun personality. She will forever live in a special place in my heart.

Later, as an adult I told my little brother that we would get him a dog. And we did...a Chihuahua Dog that we named "CHIKIS" and let me tell you, she is one crazy cookie. She loves to chase after the big dogs. She is fearless and has a diva attitude. Chikis has been part of our family for over 4 years and although I don't get to see her since we moved to another state. I miss her a lot.

There you have the reason behind "Doggie Week" at Ana's Handmade Cards. There are at least 4 different styles of dogs that will be listed. Be ready, doggie week has just began.

A million thanks go out to you for taking the time to read my blog... THANK YOU X 1000!

Blessings & Smiles


Saturday, September 8, 2007

Monkey Tear Art

Say Hello to "CoCo" my latest Tear Art Creation. This is the final product of the two that were first created (picture was posted last month). Oh, I'm thrilled with how he turned out!
And he made it to Ebay too. If you love monkeys, you'll love the new series of cards that will feature "CoCo". This is only a short, because tonight is my crop night and my cropping cart is calling my name...So, I will blog you later.
Remember, my scrapbooking classes for beginners will start soon. Stop by again soon and tell a friend. They will be titled "Scrapping 101" and will cover all the basics of this fun and addictive hobby.
Blessings to all of you who take the time to read my blog and Thank You!

Friday, September 7, 2007

New Tear Art

Here she is...Princess! An Original pet pattern by AnasCards 2007
She is so adorable and such a little Diva!
In 2001 I was blessed with a trip to Germany, and there I saw this little white dog that simply store my heart. Yes, a White English Terrier. And now, this little short hair Terrier Puppy has come to life in a Tear Art Creation. I believe that there are a few minor adjustments that will take place, since she looks more like a cat. That explains why I decided to go with a "Pet" title in the listing. However, I am thrilled with the idea of having her as part of my Tear Art Collection.
I created a 12x12 Premade Scrapbook Page where she is the star. With a bit of bling and glam, she is ready to be part of a someone's special scrapbook.
I am thinking of making a special page for our cat Oreo. Stay tunned.
"Reindeer Premade Scrapbook Page"

Christmas is not really around the corner, but it is never too early to start planning the page or pages that will hold spceial memories. With that in mind, I created another 12x12 page featuring these adorable Reindeers. The pattern is not my original creation, however I made some adjustments and came up with my own version of a Reindeer. The page can hold several pictures and has room for hidden journaling.

This weekend I will be working on some more cards and premade paper piecings for scrapbooks. Also, I will be posting a tutorial on how to select pattern paper so stay tunned.

Blessings and Smiles to all!


Fantastic Week!

This week Kelly started Preschool at home. She loved her first day with the traditional first day Picture and other activities. This is a picture of her foam stamping, which she totally loves...I wonder why? She has done great of her first week of Homeschool. During our class time she calls me "Teacher Mommy" sweet is that?