Friday, September 28, 2007

Our Kelly Dancer

Here she little girl...The Dancer! September marks the start of Kelly's dance experience. She just loves to dance. From the time she was just learning to sit up, Kelly loved music and dancing. I knew that as a mom, my wish would be for her to experience dance and what it teaches a young little lady. However, it would be encouraged but not forced.
The idea of dance started with "play pretend time", our "make up silly dances" and later with a birthday gift from grandma "Dancerella". I could see the excitement and she started saying..."Watch me, I'm a ballerina"
Her first day was overwhelming, she was in a class with older girls (hyper girls) and some that were not too happy to be there. Kelly kept running back to me for comfort and was not too sure on how to be around these girls that kept running away from the teacher and out the studio. I stayed in the classroom for most of class. The teacher was able to keep the attention of the other girls, long enough to have the girls connect and perform a series of exercises. Kelly did great, followed instructions to a T and connected with Nichole (the instructor).The new class in which Kelly is now part of, is composed by only a few students, the instructor's little girl Diane and Sarah who is a sweet 10 year old, star dancer assistant. Oh, and did I mentioned that Ms.Kelly had a audience? Yep, Daddy was there taking pictures, Grandma was there (this class is her gift to KB) and of course, I was there taking pictures with my camera.
I love to see our little Ms.Kelly smile and be happy, she's having a wonderful time and practices in the living room. Where will this take her? I don't know, however, it is what is doing for her and her character right now that I'm thankful for!
Many Blessings to You!

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