Thursday, August 2, 2007

6x6 Layouts

Well as I promised, here are a couple of more 6x6 layouts that I created for my ME album.

At first, it was hard for me to decide on which size I was goning to use. So, I had to look at the pictures that I had on my life before getting married -which were not many since I've lost so many- and being that this was my first ME album it was easy to decide on the 6x6 format. Using a small format will keep the focus on the pictures, the journaling will be short or hidden, since I don't really remember dates or a lot of the details.

With that said, remember that as you decide to begin scrapbooking that writing down the details such as; date, place and names of the people in the picture as well as a short note about the story being told will most definitely help you later. Don't trust your memory or that you will remember all the details because there might be days, months or years -let's hope not years- before you have the chance to scrap those pictures. So, write down the basic information on the back using a PHOTO SAFE pencil DO NOT USE A PEN or a regular pencil as these are not acid-free and will damage you picture. You can find photo safe pencils at your local scrapbookstore or on line.
Do not feel limited by the size or think that there might not be any room to play. Layout sketches for any square format can be adapted to fit any size, including the small ones.
The first layout shows a picture of one of my best friends Erika and yours truly. Oh, how I miss those times! Eri, this is for you! I remember the last time we went out to have a cup of coffee Paty, You and I. It was so much fun and the conversation could have lasted all night!
The second layour is of me holding my crazy little chihuahua dog...Chikis. It was Christmas time and I went to town getting her all kinds of little outfits for her to wear. The journaling was written on the tag and hidden behind the torn patterned paper.
Hope you enjoy.
Blog you later and Scrap-a-lot!

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