Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ladybug Eggs!

Today, after dropping some mail at the Post Office, my daughter and I were walking back to our car when Ms.K spotted...a ladybug! We love ladybugs, so we stopped to take a peek and found a bush covered with the little bugs. After playing with them for a few minutes, we decided that we wanted to take some to our garden and to do that we needed our bug house. We went home to get it and spent about 10 minutes catching bugs. Somehow, we managed to get a male and a female ladybug, who later in the day became the proud parents to about 20+ ladybug eggs! Oh, it was amazing. I picked up the bug cage to check on the little guys and found a ladybug laying eggs! Needles to say, Ms.K is looking forward to watching these little bugs hatch. After some research, we found the best practices on taking care of our new pet ladybugs and their eggs...We will keep you posted.

The picture above is not of our ladybug eggs -the one I took was not very good, yet I'll still posted later with an update- Enjoy.

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