Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy 1st of May!

Wow, May is here! I hope that everyone has a blessed month.

A little update on the ladybugs...the eggs were eaten. I didn't think on letting go of the ladybugs after the eggs were laid and ...well, the bugs did what they do...they eat them. I felt so bad in breaking this sad news to my little one. So, we a male and female and we are waiting to see the next set of tiny orange eggs any moment

My little one has a double ear infection that had kept her up for a couple of nights, now we are taking care of that. She hates the taste of the medicine but likes the tickles she gets after she takes it. Hey, it works.

Today is out to run more errands, and back to working on more cards and a few pages. I'm getting a lot of things in order and might have a few surprises up my sleeve at Ana's Cards...stay tunned.

Life's Short...Scrapbook.

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