Sunday, March 16, 2008

Rainy, Rainy Day!

Oh, the rain! Yes, it rained all day yesterday. Actually, it's been raining on an off for the past week. Well,yesterday Roo and I decided to go shopping despite the heavy rain... it was LOTS OF FUN! Kelly got to use her ladybug umbrella that Papa got her a couple of years ago and she simply loved it!

I did make it to check out the booth where I will be selling some of my handmade items. It needs some work and some small fixtures to display the smaller items. However, I have some some ideas for the display and the theme. This is a very exciting project for me, specially since I waited over a year for a space to come available at this place...Wish me Luck!

For my ebay customers, I'd like you to know that I will be listing to the store first and might run a few auctions later in the week -Tags,Mother's Day & Everyday Cards-. I'm currently working on the custom tags that sold over the weekend...THANK YOU to all who purchased bunny tags! I should have them all in the mail tomorrow.

Until Next Time!
Bhappysmilingnscrapping! Ana

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