Friday, March 21, 2008

Button Night

This past Wednesday, Kelly and I spent some crafty time together making clay buttons. We made lots of them. Unfortunately, many broke before we painted them and many more after we painted them. But, I was really giving them the "how-easily-could-they-brake" test. It was my very first time working with clay, so this was pretty much an experiment. I just did not think that so many would brake and so easily. We both were sort of disappointed at how many had broke, but we still had fun painting them and placed a few around the computer screen and others on the wall around a picture.
When I went to bed that night, I was determined to find out what I'd done wrong....Then,last night, I got more clay and decided to give it one more try. Kelly was with daddy and I thought this was the best time to do it. So, I looked a the instructions again, and read them a few times. Then, I realized that I'd baked the first batch at the wrong temperature!!! Oh, how could I've missed that? Easy, I was too excited to do this project with MissKelly the other day and miss read the instructions or simply it was all my ADD's fault.
So, I baked more at the right temperature this time and after they cooled off, I gave them that test again and I'm happy to say that, they are sturdy and although some did brake, you'd have to really put some pressure to brake them. After MissKelly got home last night, I gave her the good news but, since it was way past her bed time, we planned on making buttons tonight.

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