Thursday, March 20, 2008

Here's the Spot

Well, as promised...Here's a picture of my new spot. This place is packed with all kinds of arts and crafts. It's located downtown and it has pretty high traffic, which is very good. Last spring/summer we had a booth at another location but that particular one I shared with my husband and father-in-law...this time it'll be just ME! I'm very, very excited about it. Mmmmm...about those shelves...I'll be changing those as well as the green fabric, however, they'll do for now. I'd to move 'pronto' because there was somebody else wanting that spot. Soon, I'll post new pictures once they shelves are nice and stocked.

I'm keeping my posts short and sweet, because my 'To Do' list is usually about a mile long!

Have fun enjoy today and scrap-happy when you can!

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