Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Still here...more cards & good sleep

Still here... life gets busy and the day gets shorter and shorter...I have been working on a new batch of cards and a few paper piecings that will be listed shortly.
Today I feel FANTASTIC! This after a well deserved good night sleep. I'm a night owl, the middle of the night is when I create the best... yet, it tends to catch up to you after a while... So last night I did something I should do more often...go to bed early...and I might just start doing things differently to make it happen.
I gotta go, the little one is at school and need to get some things done around the house before it's time to get lunch ready.
For those who asked, yes I will have Valentine's Day cards with Paper Characters. The listings will be for 3 days and some will go to the store, this way it can go in the mail fast and arrive on time. This will be my last week with Valentine Cards. Stop by Ana's Handmade Cards to check 'em out.
For my local clients, you will be able to find these at Mountain Home Collection (110 Miller St. -Downtown Waynesville-)this weekend.

Have a blessed day!

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