Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Little Princess

Hi! What a fun day we had yesterday, It turned out to be Kelly's first Trick-or-Treating and she loved it!
Kelly decided to be a Princess and in this picture she was saying "Happy Halloween" and showing off some of her Princess accessories.

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Our first stop was the Festival held by the church. It had games and prizes for all the children. Kelly tried most of them, the ball throwing one was one of her favorite. She spent a lot of time on the slide and swing. The ball throwing game was being hosted by Sarah (girl in pink), who also dances at Dance Connection where Kelly takes lessons and many times participates in her class. This picture shows Ms.Kelly's victory cute!

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The Victory Dance
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Our second stop was to go Trick or Treating on our block. Some of our neighbors were handing out candy...Mr.Muel went all out and in his decorations; flashing lights, smoke, his costume and lots of candy! He built up the moment as the trick or treaters would get closer, the more smoke that would come out thru the door and then...ahhhh! It was Jason!!!! Daddy walk Kelly up to she sidewalk and from there I took her hand and walked with her up to the door to get our candy. Later, we even got candy from a fireman who went by on his Fire Rescue truck...Kelly really liked that! After, stopping at Mr.Muel's Kelly wanted to keep going. We stopped at 4 places after that then we called a night.

So we went home to take a look and eat some of the candy...I'm glad Kelly shared...yum!

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So this was our day...a fun day to dess up and get some candy!

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