Friday, November 21, 2008

Homemade Christmas Ornaments under $3.60

After a long absence...I'm back!
I've been very inspired for several days, just have not had the desire to be creative at all...and THAT feeling simply SUCKS!
A few days ago, while my little one and I were walking back home from the Post Office, I was reminded on how important little 'nothings' can be, how someone can make you feel special or how you can make someone feel special by doing one of these little 'nothings' -as I like to call them- and totally make your day or make you feel warm and fuzzy inside...
So, then I thought of the life of my busy Mom, who constantly traveled and worked ALL the time. However, she always made time for little 'nothings', and around the holidays we would make our own ornaments.
So, the other day while Ms.K and I were walking back home I spotted beautiful pine cones just laying there under several trees...I shared the idea with Ms.K and we, immediately went on the 'hunt' for the perfect pine cones, which would be decorated to become Christmas ornaments. She LOVED the idea. "...but,how are we going to make them into ornaments mommy?" she asked...and this very question made me feel thrilled that we had a little 'nothing' moment that brought joy and interest to my little angel.
After briefly explaining how we would make these ornaments, I knew that we had a special memory and perhaps a brand new tradition in the making...
If you are a crafter, you probably already own all the supplies needed for this project, if you don' are looking at fun project for under $3.60 and at least 30min to an hour full of fun. I used a glue gun to adhere the ribbon to the top of the pine cone, this is optional. If you do not own a glue gun you can find one at your local thrift store for a couple of bucks, or a new one for a few bucks. You can tie the ribbon or adhere it with the glue gun, either way works well.
We had lots of fun. Ms.K and I made 4 ornaments yesterday, but we have at least 12 more -which we'll make through out the next few days- She's is looking forward to teaching Daddy how to make these ornaments when he comes home from work tonight.

Here is the cost of supplies:

Glue $0.60
Glitter $1.50
Ribbon $0.99
Brush $0.50
Pine Cones $0.00

The smile of satisfaction of your little one, as she proudly holds her creation: Priceless!

*The spoons, paper and trays are things that we all have around the house and were not added to the cost. The trays could easily be replaced with paper plates. Whatever works for you.

Be Crafty!

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